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Hemingway Cables

There have been tremendous progresses in the audio industry.  Until this very day, many people have made various attempts to improve the sound.  Hemingway Cable believes we are close to the perfect sound.  Now we are one step away from replicating the perfection of sound.  We do not want to miss even the trembling of a single note.  Over the past 10 years of extensive research, Hemingway Cable was able to launch amazing products in the  Hemingway Series.  It is no longer a dream to hear the subtle expression of each note.  Through Hemingway Cables you will experience the perfect sound that you can only imagine.

Hemingway Cables are manufactured through a complex yet delicate process.  We filter out the sound in such detail using the latest technology released to date. Other cables companies are unable to duplicate our process.  Typically other cable companies facilitate signal transmission by removing the magnetic field and electrical feed backs.  However, at Hemingway we convert the magnetic and electrical feedback into energy using our proprietary patented technique. As a result, we are able to control the frequency and the magnetic field, adjusting the resistance of the signal transmitted through the conductor.

The Creation Advanced S

The Creation Advanced will bring a new sound and experience to the creation of new music.

NEW!! The Creation S

The new Creation S series is based on Hemingway's proprietary multi-way transmission method by going from a previous 3-way to a 4-way method. We stabilized the counter-electromagnetic force and compensated for the new ultra-high frequency and lows by adding another  channel, and used the counter-electromagnetic force to compensate for the low pass like the negative feedback in an amplifier. We then stabilized it in the magnetic field using a loop method.  It was developed with all the technology and knowledge that Hemingway has accumulated thus far. It is a cable that shows the result of 'fine sound tuning'.

Creation Ultimate S

The sound of the Creation Ultimate is an extreme realism (Hyper-realism). It is like the feeling a little child has who is lost for words after watching a wide screen movie theater for the first time.

Creation Signature S

Compared with the Indigo Series, it is the beginning of the Creation Series that the sound particles become finer and more delicate. This “realistic” cable has no coloring and a neutral tone that provides a sense of rhythm that will add excitement to your music.

Creation Digital S

Just one small change to feel the maximum strength and dynamic sound. The sound will turn from airless into grandeur.

Indigo II

The Indigo II improved the balance of the original sound pitch of the Indigo.


The Indigo is an entry level model of Hemingway Cable. The greatest advantage is that it plays excellent resolution and perfect sound at a faster speed that other cables cannot match.

Hemingway Specialty Cables

Other (LAN)

LAN - This cable provides dynamic sound with delicate details from uploaded information. It produces a very natural sound.

Other (USB)

USB - This cable produces high resolution and performance.  It's tone is exceptional clear and lively.

Other (Phono)

Phono - This cable provides high resolution and performance an exceptional detail.