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Antipodes K Series

"Stereo Times Most Wanted Component 2016".


​The “David” analog interconnect is our new hallmark cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. The cable incorporates two of our new design concepts; Dragon Skin shielding along with our patent pending shield energy dissipation controller, and a new noise rejection cable topology. The concept of the shield energy dissipation controller has been extended to remove noise from each of the individual conductors within the cable.

The body of the David is constructed with our proprietary “Uni-Tube” sealed air tubes to maintain an atmospheric balance not affected by changes in barometric pressure or humidity. Each fine silver conductor is hedged by our patent pending Forward Feed Shielding technology incorporating a shield energy dissipation controller. This method reduces conductor distortions and interactions providing increased air in the upper octaves paired with a controlled, deeper low end.

Pairing with our Dragon Skin shield technology creates an environment for your music to thrive! The Dragon Skin concept is a 4 part shield topology using; “Super Metals” alloys of Cobalt and Nickel, aluminum, copper, and steel. Dragon Skin electromagnetic shielding protects the signal from outside electromagnetic interference and reduces electromagnetic interference generated by the cable. Eliminating or reducing the electromagnetic influence between cables reduces the noise floor introduced by the cables of an audio system. Each layer is specifically designed for each cable type to perform a specific task, and when added together creates an extremely effective electromagnetic barrier. The effects just may astound you; as the realism of studio and live programming content is increased, and subtle details, previously hidden, are revealed.

The result is a cable with the renowned top to bottom balance of all EnKlein products with a timbre and sense of spatial balance never before heard.The naturalness of the beguiling sound will immerse you in the emotion of the musical content.

Antipodes S Series


The Zephyr II analog interconnect is our new cable design built upon the bespoke DAVID cabling system technology. The Zephyr brings new meaning of price versus performance; the listening panel all choose the Zephyr over highly advertised cables costing 5 x the price! They simply convey more information and spatial ques in a very musical manner.

David technology and innovation used in this series:

Electro-Magnetic Interposition Shielding System (EMISS)
Bi-directional noise dissipation.

The signal conductors are a solid copper and silver hybrid for both the RCA and XLR versions.

Common cable interactions, that create compression, signal loss and environmental noise is controlled by a unique asymmetrical length based geometry and the passive dissipation system. This method reduces the signal distortion and interactions, inherent in all cables, resulting in extraordinary preservation of the signal.

Don’t be fooled that all cables are transparent or used as coloration “tone control” in the playback systems. Cables in the professional environment for signal processing are chosen for characteristics including; coloration, impedance, low impulse response (smooth over transients), even compression. They do not use “colored” cables for mastering.

The result is a cable with PRAT that clearly identifies the Zephyr as a member of the David family. Performance once reserved for studios and ultra-high end is available starting at $1,795 USD.