Our Story

Listening to music on a great audio system is a lot like experiencing fine wine.

Like the subtleties found in a fine wine, a great audio system presents the textures and subtleties of the recording in a manner that most closely matches the singer/composer's original event. In my 30 plus years as an audiophile, I've listened to hundreds of audio systems, in search of a system whose sound resembles that of a live performance. A Thrax Audio* System provides a sound that resembles the full complexities of a live performance. 

As both an audio dealer and audiophile I've carefully selected the components and products on this website that I felt were synergistic and sounded extremely well together.  This is important because many dealers today simply sell numerous product lines without any concern for how audio components match, or what components sound best together.

At Audio Den I am here to help you get the best out of your future, or existing home audio system.  Whether that means keeping an existing system and adding a line conditioner, replacing an old amplifier with one that improves your system, or swapping cables - to incorporate the latest technology and achieve the best sound.


For more information, or to schedule an audition of our products, please call (303) 478-8221.

*Thrax Audio is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, where it has a complete in-house manufacturing, testing and demo facility.  Affiliation with numerous institutes and research scientists gives Thrax the advantage of knowledge and experience embedded in all its products.